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October 2020 President’s Update- by Henry Christoff

Greetings E31 owners!
Thanks to those who commented about the monthly updates. The updates are like a monthly meeting for our non-geographic chapter. It’s an opportunity to let you know what the E31 Chapter board are working on, future events and general information that may be of interest to E31 owners and enthusiasts. In that regard, please keep your email address current (so you will receive these updates and our quarterly newsletter) with BMWCCA by using their website (https://www.bmwcca.org/ ). Sign on to your account, go to chapter resources, my membership, manage account, and then go to update your information. Also while at the “update your information page”, check off that you wish to receive the E31 Chapter newsletters via email. Just a few mouse clicks and you are finished.

E31 Chapter Website Update- As mentioned previously, our webmaster, Bob Bennett, has been working to refresh and update our E31 Chapter webpage- http://www.bmwccae31.com/. If you have not been to the webpage recently, please check it out- I especially like all the member photos of their E31s in the Member Gallery. If you have not sent your photo to Bob, please do so- webmaster@bmwccaE31.com

Since we cannot attend car events, most of us are staying home and using the internet for our automotive ‘fix’. Two of my favorites are Kidston.com and M539 Restorations, the YouTube Channel.

I’ve subscribed to the Kidston Newsletter for several years. It’s free and always an enjoyable read. Kidston SA, located in Geneva, Switzerland, is a broker of high end European collector cars, but they also make film shorts. If you enjoy classic cars mixed with sophisticated humor, this is your place- https://www.kidston.com/films/ I especially like “A Summer Story” from July 2017.

I found M539 Restorations while reading postings on BimmerForums E31 section. Sreten, the creator and host of these YouTube videos, puts to rest that rumor that Germans have no sense of humor. If you have not already watched his videos, he has a really fun and detailed video lasting several episodes on how he tracked down and brought back to life an E31 that was sitting in a storage unit for a very long period of
time. M539 Restorations have many videos like this where great BMWs that look beyond hope, are brought to his shop and returned to service. https://www.youtube.com/c/M539Restorations/videos

The 2020 Photo Contest – Roger has advised that the 2020 Photo Contest winners will be announced in the end of the year E31 Chapter newsletter. Standby for the results!

During our August E31 Chapter board meeting one of the items discussed was parts availability and those items being discontinued by BMW for our E31’s. As many of you know, many spare parts stocked by BMW for the E31 have become no longer available. One of those items is the power steering filter for the 850 model, part number 32411128167.

This item was also available from ZF Lemfoerder as part number 13162.01. The Lemfoerder part is also no longer available as of this writing. We have contacted BMW Classic about this item and are expecting a reply in the next week to ten days. ZF have replied that there is no stock in their system and we have asked if
there is a possibility of another spare parts production run.

Another item that has not been available for several years is the under hood insulation for all E31s. The part number is 51488128709. This item has been on back order with the supplier to BMW for almost two years. I received an update in June 2019 that this part would be available in late July 2019. In October last year, BMW Classic advised me that they were having ongoing issues with this component and their supplier. This month I received an update on the under hood insulation, and unfortunately, BMW Classic have advised they
continue to have issues with this supplier. We’ll keep you posted on the outcome of our inquires.

Tom Jacobsmeyer, of the SoCal8s group, sent this interesting Hagerty article to everyone in their group, and thought it worth mentioning here:

West Coast BMW Events: This week I received an email from Jeff D’Avanzo, one of the
organizers of the 2020 SoCal BMW Vintage Event. He advised that the 2020 event
has been cancelled for this year. However, it is scheduled for November 6, 2021.
East Coast BMW Events: 2020 The Vintage – Now cancelled. Now scheduled May 2021.

Ed Christoff
I always welcome your comments
feel free to reach out to me -Henry