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November 2020

In case you missed the latest email from BimmerLife, our sister non-geographic M-Chapter is hosting a Webinar with Jackie Jouret titled, “The Story of The BMW M1”. Scheduled for Sunday, November 15th at 5PM Eastern. Registration/Sign up is free. Go to: motorsportsreg.com

E31 Chapter Website Update- https://www.bmwccae31.com/. If you have not been to the webpage recently, please check it out. I especially like all the member photos of their E31s in the Member Gallery. If you have not sent your photo to be posted to our website, Webmaster Bob is standing by- webmaster@bmwccaE31.com

Coming Events: We’re in the process of updating the E31 Chapter website Coming Events Calendar page for 2021. If you know of an event locally to you that may be of interest to our group, please pass it along to me with as many details as you know – pres@bmwccae31.com

The 30th Anniversary shirts that we did were quite popular and I hope those who wanted one were able to get them while available. They’re collector automobilia now with celebs clamoring for them…..ok, maybe not clamoring. However, your E31 Chapter Board is working on a new design shirt that we hope to offer through our swag store before the holidays. Stay tuned!

As mentioned in the last update, the 2020 Photo Contest results will be announced in the next E31 Chapter newsletter.

Update: during our August E31 Chapter board meeting one of the items discussed was parts availability and those items being discontinued by BMW for E31’s. As many of you know, many spare parts stocked by BMW for the E31 have become no longer available. One of those items is the power steering filter for the 850 model, part number 32411128167. I have received two updates from BMW Classic on this item and they are still working through their channels to determine if this will become available again. We’ll keep you posted of any developments.

Another item that has gone no longer available at BMW is the headlamp adjusters (repair kit) fitted to USA and Canadian market E31’s (part number 63210302322). BMW made some improvements to this component and made a production run some years ago. However, this improved item has been no longer available from BMW for several years.

The E31 Chapter is investigating options for another production run of this part. Some states and Canadian provinces have mandatory vehicle safety inspections. E31’s may fail these safety inspections if the headlamps cannot be adjusted.

Speaking of automobilia, Phil Hill’s family is putting up for auction some of his personal automobilia collection. Gooding & Company is handling the on-line auction, the first to be held December 2nd, with additional offerings February 8, 2021 and March 15, 2021. Check out the Gooding & Company website for “Phil Hill Family Automobila Collection” for further details. You just might score something pretty special.

Last item- The E31 Chapter Board receives membership reports from National the first week of every month. This past October, we had the most number of renewals in a single month that I have seen since I was the Membership Chair just over three years ago. Currently we stand at 118 on our membership roster. It’s the cars that bring E31 owners together, but it’s the people who make E31 ownership rewarding as well.

I always welcome your comments – feel free to reach out to me /Henry

E31 Chapter Website: https://www.bmwccae31.com/