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President’s Page June 2021

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BMW Car Club of America – E31 Chapter JUNE 2021

Greeting E31 Owners

— The Voice of E31 Owners —
JUNE 2021, President’s Update #11 – by Henry Christoff
Hello, Everyone –

BMW  CCA E31 Chapter Membership Update –

Since becoming president of the E31 Chapter, we have worked to improve the Chapter relationships with the National office and other independent E31 groups worldwide. We have also been working to develop our member base by: word of mouth, the promotion of the E31 Chapter with BMW orientated events and monthly advertising of our Chapter in Roundel. I am pleased to advise that since implementing these goals, we have increased our E31 Chapter membership by 14.8% since August 2020. Thank you to every member for your interest and enthusiasm in the E31 BMW and the E31 Chapter. It is the cars that have brought us together, but it is the people that make our Chapter and E31 ownership enjoyable!

Nominations for vice president and treasurer have closed May 31st. You’ll find complete information about this in our next newsletter due out on June 25th.

NLA Parts Update

Headlamp adjuster repair kits for North American E31s:  As of this writing, we have no additional information to pass along from BMW Classic. Will keep everyone informed.

Power steering filters for 850i & Ci: Unfortunately, BMW Classic cannot specifically advise if the BMW E24 P/N 32411128919 power steering filter, which is dimensionally the same as No Longer Available V12 850i and Ci power steering filter 32411128167, can be used in the E31 application.  However, we have the E24 filter P/N 32411128919 presently installed in an 850i and in current use by BC8s (British Columbia Canada) and AB8s Alberta Canada) member Rob Scott.   So far, 1500 kms (or 930 miles) since the installation, and all is performing well.  Will keep you updated as the miles accumulate.

Comming up!”……..The E31 Chapter Interview with Sreten of M539 Restorations! OK, now that we have your attention, we really didn’t interview friend of the E31 Chapter Sreten.  But check out his latest video about his new workshop and a little background on Sreten and how he became to be involved in the restoration of older BMWs, including several E31s.Enjoy!

Lastly – My 1991 850i recently turned over 160,000 kms, or 100,000 miles.  Checking my service records, it was time for fresh spark plugs.  I ended up doing much more than that: tracked down and installed new RH and LH factory spark plug wire sets, installed the original (read “old style”) low resistance Bosch F8LCR spark plugs that I had been holding on to for years, replaced both ancillary belts, and installed new Bosch brand distributor caps and rotors. Oh, and a coolant flush using genuine BMW coolant.  I think the spark plug wires I removed were original ones from Dingolfing. I must say, wow, what an improvement in performance with the new/fresh ignition items and just the ticket for the spring and summer driving season!

Until next month –  Henry

Henry Christoff-   pres@bmwccaE31.com

E31 Chapter Website: https://www.bmwccae31.com/

E31 Chapter Swag Store: https://nmwccae31.qbstores.com