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President’s Page January 2021

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BMW Car Club of America – E31 Chapter January 2021

Greeting E31 Owners

— The Voice of E31 Owners —

January 2021, President’s Update #6 – by Henry Christoff

Happy New Year, E31 Owners & Enthusiasts- wishing you all the best in 2021!

Thank you for your support of our Chapter in 2020.

Our newsletter editor, Roger, who spearheaded the 2020 E31 Photo Contest will release the photos and winners names in the January E31 News, expected to be emailed to everyone in about a week. Congrats to the winners!  

As mentioned previously, I am looking for your contributions to the E31 Chapter website Coming Events Calendar for 2021.  Please send to me any events you think will be of interest, with as many details as you know- pres@bmwccae31.com  Thanks!

The new “E31 Motor” shirts are now being printed by our swag supplier, Queensboro, and are expected to be released for sale in our E31 Swag Store mid January.

Membership Update– from membership chair, Kirsti Christoff

As of December 31st, we have 120 E31 Chapter members. Two members renewed their memberships in December.  I wish to say thank you to those renewing and for your continued interest in the E31 Chapter and the International E31 Community!

Looking for something to do while in your “bubble”? I recently found this twenty minute video of Bruce Meyer showcasing his personal collection of automobiles.   Bruce is on the board of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles and was a car guy long before the Petersen was established.  Unfortunately, I do not believe he has discovered the enjoyment of E31 ownership, but I hope you will find his video enjoyable, nonetheless.  

E31 8501 JDM

In September, a second E31 has been added to my garage; a 1991 850i, Japanese market car (JDM) imported into Canada in 2006.  Just 106,000 kms (65,865 miles) on the clock. Mauritius blue metallic with grey leather interior, automatic transmission, sunroof, rear sunshade, headlamp washers. Excellent condition throughout, the car had been stored unused for almost 2 years in a garage just a couple blocks from my house.  After fixing a few minor issues and doing a re-commissioning, the car is now on my Hagerty policy and getting some regular exercise and enjoyment.   

Enjoy the upcoming E31 News and as always, your comments are welcome!

/Henry-   pres@bmwccaE31.com

E31 Chapter Website: https://www.bmwccae31.com/ E31 Chapter Swag Store: https://nmwccae31.qbstores.com