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BMW Car Club of America – E31 Chapter December 2020

December 2020 President’s Update- by Henry Christoff

Hello E31 owners!

Our newsletter editor Roger, who spearheaded the 2020 E31 Photo Contest, will release the photos and winners inside the up-coming newsletter.  

As mentioned in November, we’re in the process of updating the E31 Chapter website Coming Events Calendar page for 2021. If you know of an event locally to you that may be of interest to our group, please pass it along to me with as many details as you know- pres@bmwccae31.com

The new “E31 Motor” shirts are being developed by our swag supplier, Queensboro. Hopefully, this new shirt will be released for sale in our E31 Swag Store shortly.  As soon as the art is finalized, I’ll send an email to everyone.  Right now, there are some savings to be had at our E31 Swag Store- go to the website and check it out!  See the Swag Store link at the bottom of this update.

As mentioned in the November Update, we are working with BMW Classic to get another production run made of 850 power steering filters (32411128167) and headlamp adjuster kit (63210302322) for US and Canadian market automobiles.  I have had recent correspondence from BMW Classic and have learned that a similar part with the same dimensions might be a suitable substitute. This item unfortunately is also not in stock at BMW but 115 units are on order in their system.  I’ll update everyone on this component as soon as I have more information.

Headlamp adjuster kits – I have a little positive news on this item.  BMW Classic referred us to Hella for this item.  Hella Germany sent our inquiry to Hella Automotive Sales in the US. I received a cautiously positive email from the president of Hella USA – who just happens to be a long standing BMWCCA member (his first BMW was a 320i), worked at Korman Autoworks in North Carolina while attending university and presently owns an E-Production race car.  So, not just a suit looking at spread sheets!

Currently, we are working to determine the Hella part numbers for the adjuster kits.  After several emails back and forth, this component may have been developed by BMW NA in New Jersey, not BMW in Germany.  We’re actively following up on that lead!

This next item has not come up lately, but if you are having trouble renewing your E31 Chapter membership on line or directly with National, please reach out to me.  I think the issues that were stumbling blocks to renewals have been addressed, but in case there is still something, please contact me.

E31 member Ron Archer contacted me recently – he was trying unsuccessfully to access the BMW Classic link to the interactive E31 Factory Repair Manual.  Unfortunately, it looks like this link has been turned off and the only current option that I found for the interactive manual was a subscription based version.  No longer free.  If anyone knows of an interactive E31 Factory Repair Manual – without cost to access- please reach out to me.

If you have been reading your BimmerLife email updates, you would have read that Legends of the Autobahn Eastthat’s right, east– is being put together and will be held in conjunction with the Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival November 6, 2021, in Hilton Head, SC. For more info: https://www.hhiconcours.com/

Last item- The E31 Chapter Board receives membership reports from National the first week of every month. This past November, we had three E31 Chapter members renew their memberships and two new members join our group. “Welcome” new members! Renewing members: thank you for your continued interest in the E31 Chapter and the International E31 Community! 

I always welcome your comments –   

Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!  We’ll see you in 2021!

/Henry pres@bmwccaE31.com

E31 Chapter Website: https://www.bmwccae31.com/

E31 Chapter Swag Store: https://bmwccae31.qbstores.com