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Info & How To’s

Looking for information on how to complete a repair? Maybe you just want to learn more about the car.

Many members of the community have contributed their time by documenting the process they used to complete various tasks. Disclaimer
Each term is a link to either a PDF, Excel spreadsheet or Word Doc file with information or Howto steps.

Info SheetsHowto's & Procedures
93 850 Electrical.pdfUnder Seat Repair
95 EML Manual.pdfArmrest Installation
Acronyms List4 7 Series Thrust Arms Install
Airbag CodesInstall Armrest
AntifreezeAutodim mirror install
Auto Trans Parts CatalogBattery Replacement Procedure
Bimmer Buyer GuideBelt Tensioner R&R
BMW MID replacement letterBMW E31 Chip Install instructions
BMW Radio ManualBMW Z3 Universal Garage Door Opener - E31 install - Part 1
BMW 8 Series Torque SpecificationsBMW Z3 Universal Garage Door Opener - E31 install - Part 2
BMW Fault CodesBMW Z3 Universal Garage Door Opener - E31 install - Part 3
BMW v12 Engine ManualBody Adjustment
Brake Power Assist System8-Series Brake Accumulator DIY
CD43 ManualBrake Booster O-ring replacement
Climate Control SystemBroken Headlight Adjuster Fix
Diagnostic Trouble CodesChain Tensioner R&R
Complete E31 Car ManualChip Replacement
BMW NA 93 E31 Troubleshooting Manual/DiagnosticsCoolant Bleeding Procedures
ETM 1993Camber Plate Installation Guide
M70 Engine Information CSI Front Trim Installation and removal
1994 Repair ManualE31 Ribbon Light Removal front of car
EDC Shock InfoEuro-headlight-rebuild
Wheel Fitment Calculator (Excel)Headlights Replacement
Hub Bearing Replacement
Information Display Replacement procedure
M70-Intake Manifold Gaskets Job_v2
OBC Security Code Reset
Reset SRS Airbag Light on Early Models
Seat-Back release handle replacement
Xenon HID Upgrade
Gauge Cluster Dark Spot Fix (This DIY references E36s and may be of some help. It is posted on the MForum.net web site.) Click the link to the right.Gauge Cluster Dark Spot Fix
Please Note:
This information is provided as is and this chapter makes no representation as to the validity or correctness of this information.
By using the information provided one agrees not to hold the authors, chapter members or anyone involved with providing this information liable for any losses or damages and further agrees that use of this information is at one's own risk.