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When it comes time to renew your membership to the E31 Chapter, the process differs slightly from renewing your membership at a traditional geographic chapter.  At the time of renewal, the CCA website will default to the geographic chapter based on your home zip code.

We’ve heard of at least a handful of instances where membership renewals have been errantly processed to the geographic chapter rather than the chapter(s) you’ve chosen previously.  So to help ensure your renewal gets processed correctly, when you renew on the BMW CCA website, there are two possible methods depending on how your chapter membership(s) should be selected:

  • If the E31 Chapter is your Primary (or only) chapter, remember to uncheck your geographic chapter and select the E31 Chapter. 
  • If the E31 Chapter is a Secondary chapter and you have a geographic chapter as your primary, simply remember to select the E31 Chapter in addition to your Geographic/Primary chapter.

You also have the option to call the National Office to process your renewal, or to have them correct an improperly processed renewal.  If you call in your renewal, simply tell the helpful folks at the National Office which chapter(s) you prefer to be associated with and that is it!

The National Office can be reached at 864-250-0022.