2018 E31 Chapter Board Election News

June 15, 2018

Dear E31 Chapter Members;

Voting is now open for the BMWCCA E31 Chapter Board election for Treasurer.
Nominations are Michael Nobel and Jack Woods.
Voting will be conducted over a posted two week period
beginning June 15th and concluding June 30th.
Election results will be posted here on the Chapter website and in the next newsletter.

Here are the candidates:

Michael Noble

Fourteen year member of BMWCCA.

“I’d like to volunteer for the Treasurer nomination.  I have been fully retired as a Federal financial manager and program manager since August 2014, and have experience in financial management with small organizations.  I’m currently the Treasurer for the William Strother Society, Inc., a 501 c(7) organization of about 250 members.  As Treasurer, I make all deposits, pay bills, reconcile bank statements, maintain the general ledger, prepare financial statements for the Board, file annual Form 990-T tax returns, and maintain 2 insurance policies.  I’m also the webmaster for the Strother Society (www.wmstrother.org).  I have the experience and background to bring a professional level of service to the position of E31 Chapter Treasurer. I’ve been a member of BMWCCA-NCC since 2004 and a member of the e31 Chapter since its inception, and currently own a 1994 850 Ci.   Thank you for your consideration.”

Jack Woods

Eleven year member of BMWCCA.

“I will throw my hat into the ring for E31 Chapter Treasurer.  I have been the Treasurer of the Boston BMWCCA Chapter for eleven years and counting.   I presently own and operate an accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and tax business with two locations in Peabody and Tewksbury MA.   As Treasurer of my local Chapter I have the skill set necessary for the E31 Chapter Treasurer position. I apply for and pay for the insurance certificates with National and I am fully versed with regard to the BMWCCA Chapter financial reporting responsibilities / duties and IRS requirements. Please consider my qualifications as you vote for the E31 Chapter Treasurer. Thank you.”

Please e-mail your vote  for  Michael Nobel  or  Jack Woods by sending an email to:  [email protected]     and placing your vote – the name of Michael Noble  or  Jack Woods –  in the subject line.  

Please send your voting email no later than June 30th.

Thank you,

Henry Christoff,

BMWCCA E31 Chapter Secretary


June 8, 2018

Vice President and Treasurer

BMWCCA E31 Chapter Board election time is upon us.  Two offices will be vacated by current serving members: Treasurer – Nominations are Michael Nobel and Jack Woods;  Vice president – Nomination Alec Cartio.  Both offices have three year terms according to Chapter By-Laws.  As our by-laws provide, since there is only one candidate for vice president, this individual will be accepted by acclamation and will be installed at our August board meeting.  With two candidates for treasurer, this office must be voted upon. 

Voting will be conducted via email by BMW Car Club of America E31 Chapter active members. Voting will occur over a posted two week period- beginning June 15th and concluding June 30th. At the end of that period, votes postmarked/received via e-mail by the posted end date will be tallied by the secretary, and verified the President, Steffen Staiger. The President will notify nominees of the outcome of the election, and request a written acceptance of the position from the elected member. Election results will be posted on the Chapter website and in the next newsletter.

Chapter By-Laws can be accessed here

Current candidates for Treasurer are HERE.



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