2019 BMWCCA E31 Chapter Board Election News

2019 E31 Chapter Board Election Information
Brand Manager & Events Coordinator

March 8, 2019

BMWCCA E31 Chapter Board election time is upon us. 

Nominations Are Requested from E31 Chapter members for two offices: Brand Manager & Events Coordinator. 

Please submit (no later than Tuesday, April 30th ) your nominations for these positions to Henry Christoff, Secretary BMW CCA E31 Chapter at e-mail address: sec@bmwccae31.com

Once all nominations have been received, nominees will be asked to provide a brief summary to the E31 Chapter Secretary, Henry Christoff sec@bmwccae31.com, of why you make the perfect candidate running for office and any qualifications may that support the nomination. Of course, being an E31 enthusiast is a must! These summaries will be provided to the E31 Chapter members prior to voting so that members may make informed voting decisions.

Duties of the Brand Manager

Create and manage the BMW Car Club of America E31 Chapter brand elements consistent with the BMW Clubs Design Guidelines for Appearance Dated July 2012. This includes activities including brand identity, design elements, and communications. Manage media relations regarding the BMW Car Club of America E31 Chapter news and press inquiries. Generate press releases and articles as approved by Chapter board.  Oversee the duties of the Advertising Manager, and act as the liaison between the Advertising Manager and the Chapter board. 

Duties of the Events Coordinator

Supervise the staging of Chapter events and activities within the guidelines.  Keeps records of the events and how well they succeed. 

Responsible for Chapter events for financially structuring the entry fees for events in such a way that the Chapter costs (including insurance and any plaques or trophies) are covered with a small profit. Growth of the Chapter rather than profit is the goal. All costs for a chapter sponsored event activity must be included in computing the final entry fees for any event. These include insurance, postage, telephone calls, publicity, supplies and any rental of equipment. Approval for any financial commitment must receive approval by the BMW Car Club of America E31 Chapter Board of Directors, but the chapter cannot claim responsibility for liability/expenses of any chapter events. 

Arrange to receive merchandise, trophies or awards as donations from merchants for Chapter events. Advertising can also be sold during chapter events in the form of sponsorships or the placing of manufacturer’s decals or posters. For advertising, the Events Coordinator and Brand Manager will work together to ensure all guidelines are met.

Both offices have three year terms according to Chapter By-Laws.  Nominees can be from any geographical location.

Voting will be conducted via email by BMW Car Club of America E31 Chapter active members.

Voting will occur over a posted two week period- beginning June 15th and concluding June 30th. At the end of that period, votes postmarked/received via e-mail by the posted end date will be tallied by the secretary, and verified the President, Steffen Staiger. The President will notify nominees of the outcome of the election, and request a written acceptance of the position from the elected member. Election results will be posted on the Chapter website and in the next newsletter. Please e-mail your nominations no later than April 30th, to Henry Christoff, Secretary BMWCCA E31 Chapter at: sec@bmwccae31.com

Chapter By-Laws can be found here: (https://www.bmwccae31.com/DOCS/BMW-CCA-E31-Chapter-Bylaws-10-2015.pdf )

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Henry Christoff

Secretary, BMWCCA E31 Chapter


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